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Congress Support


Events—more than logistics

Since 1999, JA has managed educational symposia and product theaters to help our clients make an impact during congresses. Our expertise lies in tying together all the important details to design a successful event. Navigating the prospectus, making sure the right people are in the room, closing the event after your last guest leaves—we are your dedicated partner through every stage of planning and execution, from start to finish.

Serology Poster_083018_FINAL.jpg

Posters—more than data

Data are the foundation for all of your work and communications. Developing and presenting an abstract is a critical way to share that data with your peers. We can take care of the writing and the nitty gritty details, like managing submission requirements. When the abstract is accepted, our team can transform your abstract into an impactful poster


Presentations—more than slides

The presentation has ended, and an attendee approaches the podium to compliment your slides. They ask for a copy and invite you to present at the next meeting. A seasoned colleague confides that your slide about interpreting test results was "the best explanation I've heard in my three years on the medical team.” This is real feedback we've received, and it is what we hope for your next presentation.

We are here to help

About the Art: Illustration for an endometriosis program based on a Cycladic figurine from 2800-2300 BCE representing fertility and rejuvenation, from the Museum of Cycladic Art  in Athens, Greece.

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