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Jespersen & Associates (JA) is an independent healthcare communications agency. Since 1999, our success has been built on a commitment to our clients, our team, and the lives of the people our projects will benefit. We value integrity, authenticity, and compassion. Individually we bring our gifts to every project, no matter the size. We operate seamlessly with an efficiency that comes from years of working together.

For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizabeth Sarkar

Founder and Principal

At the age of 15, Elizabeth interned at one of the first medical education agencies and discovered her future career: medicine without dissecting a cadaver. In 1999, she co-founded JA with Mark Jespersen and focused on blending her passion for scientific content and women's health with creativity. Elizabeth has nurtured a company culture based on commitment, collaboration, and compassion.

Based in Michigan

Deborah Sheehan

Principal and Chief Financial Officer

Deborah guides JA’s financial management with foresight, hindsight and insight. Her North Star is knowledge and integrity with a splash of creativity and plenty of collaboration. She has navigated the challenges of developing and growing a small business in an everchanging and complex healthcare landscape. Deborah’s sense of adventure blends well with her adventures in world travel, biking, hiking, skiing, as well as culinary pursuits.

Based in California

Anne_cropped square.jpg
Anne Hitchcock

Principal and Account Director

Anne leads with deep thinking, heart, and soul. A consummate teammate (and occasional basketball coach), Anne is always considering ways to improve—helping others recognize connections, and working towards a vision for a better future. She’ll tell you that she never felt as seen as when she compared her top ten CliftonStrengths® with her preschool report card, and realized that they were strikingly similar! She also recognized that she still doesn’t hold her crayon correctly.

Based in California

Caitlin v2.jpg
Caitlin Harrington

Account Manager

Caitlin is skillful at creating calm from chaos. Clients consider Caitlin a valued creative partner, and rely upon her competent leadership. With her thoughtful approach, discernment, and capacity for deep listening, she identifies client needs and maps a path for them to achieve their goals. Caitlin’s “playmaker” spirit is exemplified in her passion for playing and coaching hockey, and JA will always be her favorite team.

Based in Massachusetts

LEXA cropped square.jpg
Lexa Sullivan

Director of Project Management & Resources

For Lexa, everything comes down to relationships—how we work together and how we show up for our clients.  She cultivates mutual respect for colleagues, vendors, and clients alike, and a collective kind spirit—that’s what makes Lexa a valued leader. Lexa’s gracious, collaborative nature and strategic vision keeps our team motivated, curious, and joyful.

Based in Massachusetts

Heather Houston

Creative Director

Heather blends the creative and the practical. One of her specialties is transforming clients’ rough drafts into elegant and crystal-clear presentations. As a JA client once confided, she keeps Heather’s slide decks “top secret” so colleagues don’t poach them. A lifelong learner, Heather feeds her creativity by exploring the arts and culture of New York City.

Based in New York

Jenkins_color headshot for JA website.jpg
Patty Jenkins

Account Manager

Patty has a true passion for helping others and creating meaningful, long-term relationships with clients based on mutual respect and compatibility. Her ability to multitask while keeping projects organized and on track, creates a calm and cohesive environment for everyone. Patty dedicates her time to caring for her beautiful little boy and husband and nourishes herself by finding new ways to entertain and host friends and family.

Based in Pennsylvania

Mark Jespersen


Now retired, and writing novels, Mark began his career in 1969 working with renowned designer Milo Baughman and as a freelance photographer for Robert Redford and Sundance. His pro bono work has helped raise millions for groups like the Massachusetts SPCA, Global ReLeaf, Boston's Home for Little Wanderers, the Dana Farber Institute, the Trinity Habitat for Humanity Project, and Comforts & Joys, a Marblehead-based organization where Mark met his wife, Kim. 

Based in Maine and France

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