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About Us

Jespersen & Associates was founded in 1999 in a loft in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. Now known as JA, we are a boutique creative healthcare communications agency. Our clientele spans a diverse range of medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics companies, as well as medical societies and independent healthcare leaders.  


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our work, both with our clients and within our team. Seamlessly working together, drawing upon years of experience and camaraderie, we take pride in being more than just vendors; we are partners invested in our clients’ long-term success. 


Today, we are spread across four different time zones, but Boston is still home. If you’re in town, do yourself a favor and visit our old neighborhood in the Seaport for the best lobster roll around. 

Our Team
Elizabeth Sarkar

Founder and Principal

At 15, Elizabeth interned at a medical education agency, sparking her passion for medicine sans cadavers. In 1999, she co-founded JA with Mark Jespersen, aiming to merge science and women's health with creativity, in a collaborative environment. 

Deborah Sheehan

Principal and Chief Financial Officer

From the start, Deborah has steered JA through changing and challenging landscapes, bringing the same adventurous and strategic acumen to JA's financial management as she does to her hobbies - hiking, biking, and downhill skiing. 

Anne_cropped square.jpg
Anne Hitchcock

Principal and Account Director

Recently, Anne found great joy discovering the many parallels between her preschool report card and her CliftonStrengths® report. She’s a loyal and connected leader who loves to learn. She humbly admits, however, that she still struggles to hold a crayon "correctly." 

Caitlin v2.jpg
Caitlin Harrington

Account Manager

Both in the ice hockey rink and at JA, Caitlin is a true playmaker. She skillfully transforms chaos into calm, steadily and thoughtfully guiding her teams and our clients toward their goals.  

Lexa 2_2x.png
Lexa Sullivan

Director of Project Management and Resources

For Lexa, relationships are everything - how we work together, show up for our clients, and collaborate with partners. She keeps our team connected and playful, putting us in a position to do and be our best. 

Heather Houston

Creative Director

Heather expertly refines rough ideas into polished finished products. Called by clients, “JA’s presentation magician” she is a delightful blend of creativity and practicality, art and culture. 

Jenkins_color headshot for JA website.jpg
Patty Jenkins

Account Manager

Patty's meticulous care includes everyone and everything. No person or detail is overlooked on Patty’s watch. As the ultimate host, it's no surprise that she also makes a perfect Spaghetti alla Nerano. 

Mark Jespersen


Now retired, Mark divides his time between Maine and France, dedicating himself to writing novels. His career began in 1969 alongside renowned designer Milo Baughman and as a freelance photographer for Robert Redford and Sundance. Whether it was his work with a pioneer in modern furniture design or with a Supreme Court Justice advocating for women's reproductive rights, Mark imbued his work, and JA, with narratives, both personal and collective. It is now up to us to ensure Mark's storytelling legacy endures. 


About the Art: “Lobster” by artist and illustrator Elizabeth de jure Wood was created for our original website, a loving nod to our Seaport roots. 

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