Lexa Iantuono Sullivan, Account Manager

From high-level advisory boards, speaker training programs, and large symposia at international medical conferences, to community events and non-profit fundraisers, Lexa has been managing educational events around the world with JA for almost 20 years.

Lexa does not shy away from the difficult questions. She knows that complicated events demand an inordinate amount of preparation. And while she worries about everything, she’s just as ready to roll with the punches and provide a Plan B, something our clients have come to rely on.

Lexa earned her BA in Political Science and Government from Boston University. One of her instructors was the Nobel Laureate and Andrew Mellon Professor of the Humanities, Elie Wiesel. “I was one of the lucky ones,” remembers Lexa. “Professor Wiesel had a quiet but formidable strength and grace.”

Inspired to do more for others, and to make a difference through her efforts, Lexa signed up for an internship with Amnesty International in London. “I can’t imagine a world without books or the exchange of ideas,” adds Lexa.

“And I love to travel. It doesn’t matter where. Give me a cup of coffee, a good book to read, and point me to my train or plane.”

Inquisitive and wonderfully quirky, Lexa adds warmth and wonder to JA. When a friend mentioned a tiny town in Arkansas named Lexa, off she went. “Do we need an excuse for a road trip?”  

There wasn’t much there but she got to send herself a postcard from Lexa.


These days, Lexa shares her life with daughter, Samantha, and husband, Brian, an avid photographer and artist of birds and nature as well as a journalist for Bloomberg News.

     If only TB was a viral infection -- I would be able to make a few corny jokes (about it being so awesome it could go viral...?!) I love it and I think it's catchy.

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  Meredith is AMAZING. She is patient and prompt. Thank you so much to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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