• Creative

    What does "creative" mean to us? It means we don't settle for standard issue.

    For us, creative concepts:
             Catch your attention
             Enhance a message
             Inspire action
             Leave a favorable impression

    Our creative approach helps make our clinical content more accessible, more relevant – and therefore more valuable.

  • Healthcare

    In the complex field of healthcare, new developments are unfolding every day, and there’s always plenty of work to do. That’s why we strongly believe in presenting scientific evidence in a balanced, clear, and concise manner.


    Across the wide array of therapeutic areas in which JA works, the key to standing out is providing engaging and innovative educational tools that clearly and reasonably present accurate, up-to-the-minute content. 


  • Communications

    JA takes a personalized approach to each client request, tailoring our strategies and ideas to fit each unique concept and budget. We believe that no detail is too small - and that every detail makes a difference.

    We develop:

    Specialized live events

    Strategic plans

    Interactive digital programs

    Educational websites

    Printed materials


    Our network of experts includes:

    Opinion leaders, educators, and clinical practitioners

    Researchers, medical writers, and editors

    Illustrators, designers, and animators

    Storytellers, musicians, and directors

    Web developers, software solutionists, and programmers

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